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GlenOaks HOA Board of Directors

President: Bob Dye
1st Vice President: Julie Mangeot
2nd Vice President: Dan Schmidt
1st Treasurer: Art Kaufman
2nd Treasurer: Vacant as of 12/19
1st Secretary: Katherine Semmes
2nd Secretary: Rebecca Kinderman

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By Voice Mail: (502) 736-7676 your voice mail is now delivered as an email

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GlenOaks Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to insure that Board members maintain the highest level of ethical conduct in the performance of the Association business and to ensure that the residents maintain confidence in and respect for the entire board. All Board members will act in the best interest of the GlenOaks Community, and shall strive to do what is in the best interest of the neighborhood.

No Board member shall use his/her position for private gain.

No Board member shall accept any gift or favor with the attempt of influencing a vote, decision, or action of the Board.

No Board member will knowingly violate the governing documents of the Association.

No Board member will willingly misrepresent facts to residents of our community for the sole purpose of advancing a personal cause or influencing the community.

No Board member will seek to have a contract implemented that has not been duly voted on and approved by the Board or in case of an emergency, the President.

No Board member shall interfere with the system of management established by the Board.

No Board member will harass, threaten, or attempt through any means to control or instill fear in any contractor.

No Board member shall engage in any writing, publishing, or speech that defames any other member of the Association, the Board or a resident of the community.

No Board member shall, in any way, harass, threaten, or otherwise attempt to intimidate any other Board member or a resident.

All Board members shall maintain confidentiality.

All Board members will attempt to attend all scheduled meetings.

All Board members shall disclose all conflicts of interest as it pertains to their position.

All Board members shall recognize that their individual behavior is a reflection upon the Board.

Theft from the Association will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
Violation of any portion/s of this Code of Conduct will result in your removal from office by a the majority vote of the remaining Board of Directors. It will also result in a prorated annual assessment invoice for payment.
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